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Writing Classes

Caitlin teaches online writing courses! Using her Master's degree in Screenwriting from Boston University (which she doesn't like to mention) and her many years of experience as a professional story analyst, she imparts her knowledge to eager minds like you! All of Caitlin's class sizes are small to allow for a more personalized, intimate learning environment, and her classes meet via video chat at predetermined dates & times. See below for more information and registration links for upcoming classes.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to Contact  Caitlin.

Intro to Screenwriting (Level 1)
An introductory screenwriting course, suitable for complete beginners, someone who needs a screenwriting refresher, or even someone who just wants to be held accountable to write something. The course meets weekly for eight weeks, with three-hour sessions each class. The material focuses on narrative feature-length film and covers the basics... story, structure, characterization, theme, dialogue, screenplay format, and much more. By the end of the course, students will have finished the first draft of a treatment (a detailed synopsis) for an original feature film. Students will workshop their writing during class and receive constructive feedback from their classmates and instructor. 

Screenwriting: Developing Act One (Level 2)
This course picks up where Intro to Screenwriting leaves off and focuses on Act One. Students will begin adapting the treatment they wrote in "Intro to Screenwriting" into screenplay pages, which will be workshopped during class. The course meets once a week for eight weeks with three-hour sessions. The first two weeks involve lectures and discussions, and the following six weeks are workshops, allowing each student to workshop their writing three times (every other week). The goal by the end of this course is for students to finish the first draft of Act One of their feature-length screenplay.
Prerequisite: Intro to Screenwriting 

Screenwriting: Developing Act Two (Level 3)
This course picks up--you guessed it--where Level 2 leaves off. Once again, the focus will be on students' writing and workshops. Another eight-week class, the goal is for students to finish Act Two of their feature script by the end of this level. 
Prerequisite: Intro to Screenwriting, Level 2

Screenwriting: Developing Act Three (Level 4)
This level allows students to write and workshop the final act of the screenplay they've been working on in the previous levels. By the end of this eight-week class, students will finish the entire first draft of their screenplay!
Prerequisite: Intro to Screenwriting, Level 2, Level 3

Screenwriting Basics: Two-Day Workshop

Not ready to commit to a full class? Take Caitlin's two-day online workshop (four hours total) that introduces you to the very basics of screenwriting. If you like the workshop and want to move on to Caitlin's eight-week Intro to Screenwriting class, guess what? The price of the workshop will be deducted from the class registration fee -- you just pay the difference! 

Screenwriting Class: Workshopping (Online)

Dates: Thursdays, February 15 - March 28
Time: 4pm PT / 7pm ET
Length: each session is 3 hours

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