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Professional / Creative Services

If you are interested in any of Caitlin's professional services, please inquire via the Contact form.

Script Notes

Caitlin has been a story analyst for over a decade, reading scripts for studios, production companies, literary agencies, screenplay contests, and individual writers. She will read your project (feature screenplay, pilot, spec, short, web series, treatment, outline, whatever!) and write thorough notes about how to turn your draft into a polished, marketable script. Rates vary depending on length of project and are available upon request.

Story Coaching

Consult with Caitlin one-on-one (via video chat) about your idea and receive instruction on developing and crafting your story. Not sure where to start? Stuck on what should happen next? Not too sure about formatting? or structure? or characterization? Caitlin is full of information and suggestions. She has a Master's degree in Screenwriting for crying out loud! Rate available upon request.

Writing Classes

Caitlin teaches screenwriting classes and workshops online! She has developed curriculum for various levels, which cover story, structure, characterization, theme, tone, screenplay format, script mechanics, and much, much more! Find more information on the Classes page.

As someone who is attempting screenwriting for the first time, Caitlin’s feedback is priceless. You can read all the books, but nothing beats specific story feedback like she gives. She’s a total joy to work with. 

— Will M.

Caitlin is truly an excellent script doctor. What sets her apart from other consultants and story analysts is her level of precision in identifying the core problems within your piece. She gets to the root of the issue, then goes above and beyond by proposing creative remedies that are in line with your original vision and intention. To top it off, Caitlin delivers notes in a diplomatic and encouraging fashion. 

  — Sarah A.

Caitlin has been a superb reader for my work because she actually knows what she's talking about and gives very informed and detailed feedback on scripts, treatments, and more.

— Allison M.

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